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About adel ras psychology

The practice is situated in Elarduspark, Pretoria.  The environment offers a tranquil healing atmosphere – calming the mind and assisting in optimizing psychological strengths to regain control of busy lives and challenges. 

Perhaps a bit of harmony will be found or even a new perspective, maybe even some skills to assist in living a more fulfilling life.

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Child Psychotherapy

Child psychotherapy is psychotherapy conducted with children younger than 12 years. The aim of child psychotherapy is to assist a child and often the parents...

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent psychotherapy is psychotherapy conducted with teenagers between 12 and 18 years. The adolescent years is often a time of great cognitive...

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy refers to psychotherapy conducted with an adult (person 18 years and older) and is often also called talk therapy, counselling or psycho-social therapy...

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy refers to psychotherapy aimed at addressing sexual and sexuality difficulties which often has a psychological component. Common presenting difficulties include...

Family Therapy

Family therapy is psychotherapy conducted with one or more individuals that form part of a family system and is often aimed at improving...

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy refers to psychotherapy in the context of two (or more) individuals that are in a defined romantic, intimate relationship...


Hypnotherapy refers to what is traditionally conceptualized as the treatment of a patient that is in a trance-like state. The trance state is facilitated by the therapist and ...